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Generating appeal through innovative digital activities


The "Schäferhöhe" project by Marti Gesamtleistungen is a development of 166 rental apartments in Zollikofen, Bern. The marketing of the apartments began in winter 2019 and proves how opportunities for user-orientated interaction can make the hunt for an apartment more enjoyable for prospective tenants and how the analysis of collected data can increase the number of leads obtained. Communications were based around an animated sheep, which was used across all touchpoints, generating appeal and attention for the project and thus helping to to set the project apart from the competition.

Dynamic and innovative 3D isometric projection for choosing an apartment used for the first time

Marti Gesamtdienstleistungen's lighthouse project focused entirely on digitalised marketing and dispensed with the use of printed documents. On the marketing website, prospective tenants will find a moveable, interactive 3D isometric projection, where they can select their dream apartment and examine it from all angles. This innovative isometric projection represents a novelty in local property marketing. With just a few clicks, you can also view floor plans, fact sheets, information about the development and its location, as well as 360° tours of a show apartment. With a prominent call-to-action button, a viewing appointment can then be conveniently arranged online.


leads generated during the teaser phase 


per cent of units of units let within the first 6 weeks 


minutes spent on the on the website on average 

Animated sheep avatar for recognition and user experience

The face and heart of the marketing activities is the sheep avatar, which can be found grazing at all touchpoints. This was designed by us and developed with our partners at Animationsfabrik in Hamburg. As well as attracting attention on social media, the sheep breathes extra life into the architectural visuals and information clips on the marketing website, while appealing to prospective buyers and the public. This was positively reflected in the number of followers, which in turn allowed greater numbers of potential interested parties to be contacted thanks to the wider reach. We continuously measured the marketing activities for Schäferhöhe, made optimisation suggestions to improve conversion and thus increase sales, and adopted and adapted these in an agile way together with the client.